What Are the Advantages of Installing Carpet in Your Home?

What Are the Advantages of Installing Carpet in Your Home?Flooring trends have been shifting to hardwoods and wood look-a-likes in recent years, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for carpet anymore. In fact, there are actually many advantages of installing carpet in your home. Not only is it often cheaper than other flooring options, but it also is quieter, in addition to other benefits. Wondering just what the advantages of installing carpet are? Keep reading!

  1. Carpet comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns
  2. The first thing to consider about carpet is that it comes in a vast array of colors and patterns. You can select thick carpet, thin carpet, blue carpet, carpets in 100 different shades of tan, or carpets with a delicate floral pattern. No other flooring option will give you a variety of colors, textures, and patterns like carpet will.

  3. Carpet construction is versatile and can withstand high traffic areas
  4. Another thing to consider is how versatile carpet is. People are used to thinking that carpet cannot withstand high traffic areas, but that simply is not the case. There are many carpet options that can now withstand high traffic areas like stairs better than other flooring options.

  5. Carpet can be installed right over existing floors
  6. Another advantage of carpet is that it can be installed right over existing floors. You don’t have to rip out the old tile, vinyl or hardwood floors when installing carpet. It can just be placed right on top of the existing floor, which also makes installation a lot cheaper!

  7. Carpet is more eco-friendly than other types of floors
  8. Something else to consider, especially in today’s environmentally friendly society, is that carpet is often more eco-friendly flooring options. That’s because some carpets are made from fibers that are natural or recyclable. This makes carpet a great option for someone that is environmentally conscious!

  9. Carpet can absorb sound better than other flooring options
  10. Carpet is also much better at absorbing sound than wood flooring. If you have a home with high ceilings that often echoes, carpet can help absorb that sound and cut down on the reverberations felt throughout the house.

  11. Carpet is often cheaper than other choices
  12. Something else to keep in mind is that carpet is often the cheapest of flooring options. Not only is the physical carpet cheaper than many wood and tile options, but the installation is often a fraction of the cost.

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