Area Rugs

At Monarch Carpet, Drapery & Upholstery we have an extensive selection of high-quality area rugs to suit your every need. Whether you are interested in a luxurious handmade wool rug to serve as the focal point of a formal room or a more durable machine-loomed rug to use in a high-traffic area, we can help.

Advantages of Area Rugs

  • Area rugs offer tremendous versatility with virtually limitless colors, patterns, and styles to choose from
  • Some rugs are made with eco-friendly, natural fibers such as wool, sisal, or seagrass
  • Area rugs are great for defining living or dining spaces in open floor plan homes
  • Area rugs come in many useful standard sizes but can also be customized to your exact specs
  • A well-placed area rug can conceal floor damage and save you from having to replace all your flooring
  • This is the only flooring product you can take with you when you move!

Remember, no job is ever too small to merit the dedication and commitment of our staff. Even if you are looking for a very small rug we will be happy to help you find the exact right one for your needs. We can even create a custom rug for you including custom seaming and binding.

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