Monarch Carpets Carries Natural Fiber Rugs!

Monarch Carpets Carries Natural Fiber Rugs!

Are you looking for a new rug for your home? If so, it’s understandable that you are getting overwhelmed by the options. There are so many different types of rugs to consider. One of your options—and a great one in our opinion—are natural fiber rugs! Whether you want to be more eco-friendly or are looking for an element of natural beauty in your home, these rugs are great options.

If you are wondering whether or not natural fiber rugs are the way to go, Monarch Carpets is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about natural fiber rugs and which one might be the best option for your home.

Seagrass Rugs

Women seagrass rugs add a level of comfort and warmth to any home. These rugs are made of thick, durable seagrass fibers and are extremely low maintenance. The fibers are undyed so you can appreciate their natural color and range from tan to sage green depending on the variety. They are very stain-resistant and easy to clean. This makes them a good option for those with pets and kids!

Sisal Rugs

Another option for a natural fiber rug is a sisal rug. Natural African sisal fiber rugs come in a variety of types. You can get tight, boucle weaves that are great for high-traffic areas or larger weaves. These natural fiber rugs come in a variety of colors as they are dyed and they are flame-retardant, sound-absorbing, and anti-static.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are perhaps the most traditional natural fiber rug that you can purchase. These rugs are known for their softness, beauty, and durability. They are flame-resistant, water-repellant, stain-resistant, and anti-static. Wool rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns and you can purchase them in handmade and machine-loomed varieties. They also come in wall-to-wall or loose-laid styles so you can choose whatever option would look best in your home!

Monarch Carpets has the natural fiber rugs that you are looking for!

Let’s face it, natural fiber rugs are the way to go when it comes to bringing an eco-friendly touch to your home. These rugs come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, so you are bound to find the perfect option for your home. At Monarch Carpets, we carry a wide variety of natural fiber rugs. From Seagrass and Sisal rugs to Wool rugs, we have them all. If you are interested in checking out what we have to offer, stop into our showroom, visit us , or give us a call at (877) 766-6272!

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