Best – And Worst – Floors for Allergy Sufferers

Best - And Worst - Floors for Allergy Sufferers

Spring is upon us and with that, unfortunately, comes allergies. What you might not know is that the floors in your house can actually be making your allergies worse! That is because certain types of flooring trap dirt, dust, and pet dander, which can trigger your allergies. The good news is that there are certain types of floors that are great for allergy sufferers.

Keep reading to learn more about the best and worst floors for allergy sufferers and how Monarch Carpets can help you make the right switch.

Worst Floor Options for Allergy Sufferers

The worst floor option for allergy sufferers is carpet. This is no big surprise as the microscopic allergens can easily get captured in the fibers of the carpet. Carpet fibers can actually trap dust mites, moisture, mold, dirt, and pet hair and dander. Even with constant vacuuming, you can’t completely eliminate all of the allergens, which means that it can irritate your allergies and make you feel out of sorts.

Although carpets are plush, comfortable, and cozy, if you suffer from severe allergies, you may want to steer clear of carpets in your home. There are better flooring options out there for allergy sufferers!

Best Floors for Allergy Sufferers

If you are looking for better floor options to help your allergies, laminate and vinyl floors are good options. These floors won’t trap allergens to the extent that carpet does and they are easier to clean, but they are not completely impervious to allergens.

For the best flooring options for allergy sufferers, tile and stone are your best bet. That is because they have a smooth finish and are very durable. However, be sure to choose a smooth finish tile or stone. Any porous options will trap allergens in the pores and can irritate you.

For help changing your floors to reduce your allergy symptoms, contact Monarch Carpets today!

If you suffer from allergies, chances are that you will do anything to get rid of the annoying and frustrating symptoms. At Monarch Carpets, we can help! We know which floors are great—and bad—for allergy sufferers, meaning we can help you select a floor that will decrease your symptoms while indoors. We have a vast selection of flooring options so even though you might be limited to certain types of flooring, we still have countless options available to meet your design and budget preferences. Give us a call today at (877) 766-6272 or stop into our showroom to get started!

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